Insider's Guide To Buying Auto Parts Online

5 Important Things To Consider When Shopping For Auto Parts On The Internet:


1. Watch out for hidden fees: offers free shipping for all your orders.  We'll never take you to the cleaners with hidden fees or unreasonable charges.


2. Don't settle for less: Cheap knock-offs can spell costly trouble for your car, your engine, and your wallet. carries only high-quality, brand new replacement parts that fit and work at least as good as your car's original -- if not better!


3. "I don't know" is the wrong answer: Some companies use overseas call centers to provide you with "less than ideal" customer service.  At all of our staff are here in our US based facility, and are ASE-certified (opens in a new window).  More importantly, they love what they do!


4. Don't expose yourself: Ok, that probably got your attention and we're glad it did.  Identity theft is rampant with online companies, so you don't want to give your private personal and financial information to just anyone.  At, we operate at the highest industry standard level of security using a secure, encrypted website, that encrypts information at either 128-bit or 256-bit SSL or TLS encryption so you never have to worry about your information falling in the wrong hands.  For more information on how strong our security is, and what measures we take to protect you, checkout our Auto Parts Privacy Policy (opens in a new window, so don't worry you won't lose this page).


5. Check out your parts warranty:  While problems are rare, you want to put your faith in a company that stands behind their products. offers a lifetime warranty, as well as a Buy-Back Guarantee!  If you have any problems, just contact us and let us help!
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