Your Air Conditioning Condenser Unit

AC Condenser Unit - Your AC's Best Friend. . .

Your vehicle's AC condenser unit is an important part of your car's air conditioning system.  It works by cooling the internal workings of your car by controlling humidity and heat.  Your car's AC system is made up of several components that each perform a unique function and all work together to achieve a maximum cooling effect.

The condenser controls the temperature of the refrigerant, performing it's basic function which is to increasing the effectiveness of the refrigerant.  It does this by converting hot compressed gases into a cool liquid that flows through the expansion valve.  That gives you the cool air that you feel in the car when you turn on the air conditioner ensuring perfect temperatures even in the hottest of driving conditions.

The compressor begins the process by compressing the hot air and moving it to the condenser.  The condenser then cools the hot air, turns it into a cool liquid, and sends it on to the AC evaporator. The evaporator converts the cold liquid into chilled air and disperses it throughout the vehicle, which lowers the temperature.

Quality is extremely important when selecting a replacement condenser.  Lower quality units can damage your air conditioning system and leave you with an expensive replacement bill.  If the condenser stops working, it can cause the remaining parts of the air conditioning system to fail, as well.

While value is always important, selecting a quality-built condenser and ensuring proper installation can enhance the overall efficiency of your vehicle and extend the life of your motor.  And a quality condenser will give you a more comfortable ride when put to the test and will outlast a poorly designed or poorly built condenser.

These instructions are provided for your convenience, and does not offer any warranty, express or implied, should you use these instructions and damage your part, and/or your vehicle and/or injure yourself. Use at your own risk.  

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